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How Medical Practices are Growing Revenue and Patient Satisfaction with Medical Billing Services

Are you having trouble juggling patient care with billing and coding? Is practice management stressing you out? Both aspects are vital to the success of your practice. Today, patients look online at reviews before they choose a doctor. Many patients go online when they’ve had a bad experience. Whether you currently have a patient retention problem or having issues growing, Parasol Medical Billing can help.

By outsourcing your medical billing and coding, you’ll free up time to spend with patients providing quality care that will keep them coming back and referring others.

Parasol Medical Billing product is designed for small and mid-sized medical practices. With our help, practices increase reimbursements and spend less time with collections. We employ a highly experienced team of medical coders who uses Parasol’s medical billing software and EHR to increase practice revenue by an average of 6% in the first two months of working with us.

With Parasol Medical and Billing services you can:

  • Easily access account information on-demand and get customized reports for your practice
  • Receive up-to-date credentialing and contract-negotiation
  • Pay only on amounts received
  • Quickly recoup any outstanding claims

How can Parasol Medical Billing work for me?

You can receive quicker and more accurate claims with parasol medical billing services. We specialize in medical billing and coding for small and mid-sized practices. Small and mid-sized medical practices often feel constrained by bandwidth. There’s little time to efficiently bill and code and provide quality care to patients. With Parasol Medical Billing and Coding, practices can focus on patients which helps increase retention and revenue.

Parasol Medical Billing offers trained medical coders and dependable billing software, services tailored to your medical specialty and payments charged only on amounts received.

Considering outsourcing your medical billing and coding?

Let us provide you with a customized quote for your medical practice. We’ll evaluate key aspects of your revenue cycle and determine if there’s room for growth.

Contact us today to learn more about our medical billing and coding services and how we can help your medical practice grow.