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Should you outsource your medical coding?

Overcome your medical coding staffing challenges by outsourcing medical coding. Outsourced medical coding companies take over coding for your physician practice to give you more time with your patients and to grow your business effectively.

The key benefits of outsourced medical coding companies are:

  • Maintain coding compliance and accuracy
  • Decrease accounts receivable days
  • Reduce DNFB accounts
  • Increase coding throughput
  • Increase timely payments
  • Optimize reimbursement

Whether you run a small practice or a large physician group, clinic or hospital – outsourcing your medical coding can improve your cash flow and compensation. You need timely and accurate medical coding and submissions of your medical services to insurance carriers in order to get paid, but you don’t have the time, money or staff to always ensure that happens. Outsourced medical coding companies manage that for you, so you can get paid and grow.

What does remote medical coding mean?

Outsourcing your medical coding means you’re not doing it in-house. You can outsource It to consultants or purchase a software solution. Medical coding is time consuming, so a remote medical coding team can help you earn more without having to do more.

Outsourced medical coding companies also handle the qualifying, recruiting, training, compensating, certifying and evaluation of the medical coding staff to ensure they stay up to code. Coding is becoming more specialized and requires continuous education. Why invest time and money in that type of program, when you could outsource it and save?

Outsource coding companies have these types of educational programs in place to ensure they can offer medical practices medical coders who have the right skill sets required to ensure successful payments.

Compare the Cost of in-house vs outsourcing medical coders

If you hire a medical coder in house you’ll need to pay for office space, overhead, training costs, salaries, benefits, and that’s not to mention the time involvement. When you calculate all the costs of going in-house with your medical coding, you’ll find that it’s much more affordable to go with a professional medical billing and coding solution like Parasol Medical Billing.

It’s also important to consider how much medical coding you need and the type of coding that’s required for your medical practice. For example, if you offer procedures across many medical specialties, you can significantly benefit from outsourced medical coding.

If you want to streamline your medical coding, get paid on time and grow your practice, contact Parasol Medical Billing and Coding today to learn more about our cost-effective solutions.