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Attract more patients with excellent insurance coverage with these medical marketing tips.

At Parasol Medical Billing we help clients grow their practices by saving money and increasing efficiency. However, today we’re going to focus on another way to grow your practice – attracting top tier insured clients with medical marketing tips.

Companies like Nike, Boeing and Intel offer excellent health insurance to their employees. Employees of these companies are great clients, because of their higher reimbursement rates.

If you are looking to attract more patients with excellent insurance coverage, there are a few additional things you could be doing. Here’s are medical marketing tips to attract top tier insured clients and grow your medical practice.

Medical Marketing Tip #1 – Write Relevant Medical Blog Posts

You’re in a competitive industry. There are several medical practices vying for the same patients, so how do you stand out amongst your competition?

Keeping an updated blog on your website can help you rank in organic search results. Many patients conduct web searches before they choose a medical practice. Keeping an up to date blog with relevant information can help you rank, but also help you earn the trust of your website visitors.

By providing useful and informative content on your blog, you’ll showcase your expertise and earn the trust of potential patients. Writing a blog creates a reason for people to come back to your site multiple times until and after you convert them into clients.

Writing blog posts also gives you something to share on your social media pages.

Medical Marketing Tip #2 – Update Your Social Media Pages

While business pages may not reach the same amount of people as they used to, it’s still important to maintain social media pages. Keep your pages up to date to show your legitimacy, and help potential patients get to know you. Give them an idea of what it’s like be a patient at your practice.

Medical Marketing Tip #3 -Boost Your Social Media Presence

Social media is pay to play today, which means you’ll need to put a little money behind your accounts to reach the people you need to in order to grow your practice. Whether it’s running a campaign to grow your follower count or boosting a post to reach more people, be sure to create audiences of your target demographic.

Medical Marketing Tip #4 -Target Employees of Top Companies

Create a list of the top companies that provide good healthcare options for their employees. Once you have this list, target employees of these companies by creating pages on your website specifically for them. You can even offer a special promotion or discount to encourage them to try your medical office.

Medical Marketing Tip #5 -Encourage Reviews

Reviews are the best way to attract new patients to your medical practice, but reviews can be tricky. If your practice isn’t where it should be, if your front desk staff isn’t providing good patient services, you could wake up to negative scores or reviews.

Make sure your practice is at the top of its game before you begin encouraging or asking for reviews. When you’re ready to begin, you can encourage reviews by posting to your social media pages, offering promotions, or launching email campaigns to patients.

If you need help with efficiency or growing your medical practice, contact Parasol Medical Billing today to learn about our services.