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  • 1523

How Breaks Can Help You Manage Your Medical Practice Better

Not all medical practices operate the same way, but many small practices require more of physicians beyond patient care. It’s very common for physicians to take on additional responsibilities at small medical practices. You might find yourself juggling dual roles, as a physician and an administrator. Despite your many responsibilities, breaks are required to manage your medical practice better.

The Power of Full Engagement is a self-help book by Jim Loehr. This New York Times bestseller has helped hundreds of thousands of people balance home and work stress. The book describes how being your best requires you to carefully manage your energy to ensure you’re spiritually, mentally, physically, and social balanced.

Rest and renewal are both key to keeping balanced and healthy. Without it, you won’t be your best self which can lead to issues with your medical practice. When you’re sleep-deprived you have more trouble focusing on tasks after a disruption. Anyone who has ever worked in a medical practice knows distractions are a plenty.

A 2016 study from US business school professors showed that those who prioritized sleep were considered more engaging and likable. Bedside manner is important to keeping patients happy and retaining them. Lack of rest could cause you to lose patients.

According to Tony Schwartz, founder of The Energy Project there is research to support taking breaks during work. His research shows that humans naturally move from full focus and energy to fatigue every 90 minutes. Your body sends signals that you need to rest and renew, but we often attempt to override those natural feelings with stimulants like coffee, energy drinks and sugar.

Taking a short break every 90 minutes throughout the day to drink water, take a walk or eat a healthy snack could help you manage your medical practice better and improve your relationship with patients.

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