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How to Attract the Right Candidates for Your Medical Practice.

Every medical practice is different, but they share many similarities. One similarity all medical practices share is the need for good employees. The types of employees needed are also often the same. Hiring for healthcare is always challenging, but private medical practice hiring can be especially difficult. You may not be able to compete with the high salaries offered by hospitals and larger practices.

Employee demand is higher than supply, making it harder for physicians to keep practices staffed up and functioning at full capacity.

If medical practice hiring is a challenge for you, here are just 3 ways you can target and attract the right candidates for your private medical practice.

Medical Practice Hiring Tip #1 – Get on Social

Putting jobs on your website isn’t enough. Start posting and tweeting your open roles. Share your employee culture on your social media pages, so potential candidates can see how great your workplace is and what kind of environment they can expect.

If your social media pages don’t have enough followers, invest in a Facebook ad campaign. You can now upload jobs to the Facebook jobs tab and boost them with a small budget. Be sure to set targeting to reach candidates who qualify for your open jobs. With Facebook jobs, candidates can apply directly through Facebook. Their resumes will be sent to your messenger inbox.

If you’re going to tweet your jobs, be sure to use popular hashtags. Free hashtag tools like Hashtagify will help you find relevant tags like #RNJobs, #healthcarejobs, etc.

Medical Practice Hiring Tip #2 – Monitor Your Glassdoor Reviews

Glassdoor is a place where employees go to rank their employers. Candidates can also leave reviews about the interview process. Thousands of job seekers check Glassdoor before accepting a position, many check it before even accepting an interview or submitting an application.

Check your Glassdoor review to see what your employees think about your medical practice and what it’s like to work there. You can learn valuable insights about how your staff feels about their day-to-day. These insights can help you increase your staff retention rate and help prevent future bad reviews.

If you do see bad reviews, and there issues you think need to be addressed, make changes at your office and let your staff know it’s a result of their feedback.

Glassdoor also gives employers an opportunity to showcase their employer brand. You can tell your practice story, share photos of your staff and more to help with your medical practice hiring.

Medical Practice Hiring Tip #3 – Post Jobs on Niche Job Boards

General job boards like Indeed may work for lower entry jobs like front desk jobs, but for RN and other nurse jobs you might want to try niche job boards. There are job boards dedicated specifically to nursing and other healthcare positions.

In addition to niche job boards, you can post your jobs to chat rooms and popular groups where your target candidates spend time.

Hiring for your medical practice isn’t easy. You need someone who will be able to provide a good experience for your patients, be efficient to help you grow and/or retain business, and be happy with the role enough to stay on long-term.