• May


  • 1523

Boost Performance at Your Medical Office in Five Steps

Are you ready to make your medical office staff the best ever? Are you ready to boost your performance at work? Follow these five steps, and you can become your medical practice’s greatest asset.

Understand Expectations

As a medical office manager, it’s your job to set clear expectations. However, it is the employee’s job to familiarize themselves with those expectations. Your medical office staff can’t be effective without understanding what is expecting of them and making the effort to meet those expectations.

Being unaware of expectations can make an employee feel inadequate. Not properly training your medical staff can set you and them up for failure.

Whether you are the medical office manager or a member of the staff, it’s important to ask and understand what is expected of you so that you can fulfill those expectations and succeed in your role.

Take Advantage of the Resources at Your Disposal

If your medical office has invested in software, you would be a fool not to learn how to use it and use it well. Medical office software can save you countless hours of work, making your job easier and making you more efficient.

Chances are, the software your medical office uses is also used at other medical practices. Developing those software skills, can make you an asset and help you land another job in the future. For example, many offices have medical billing software or services. Using medical billing software can ensure patients are billed correctly. When your medical office is paid properly, there’s more revenue which can only benefit you.

If your medical office isn’t currently using a piece of software you think they need, don’t be afraid to suggest it. Whether it’s an EHR, medical transcription, medical billing software, or other tool, you could help boost overall performance of your medical office and get noticed at work.

Take Advantage of Education and Training

If your medical office has a piece of software you don’t know how to use, or there are additional features your office isn’t taking advantage of, take the opportunity to get educated or trained on it. By becoming a power user, you can set yourself apart from your colleagues. You will also become a valuable asset to the company, finding ways to improve protocols or streamline processes.

Most software companies over education or training. Your work might even bring someone end to show everyone how to use the tool. Be sure to do your research and have questions ready, so that you can learn what you need to know to use the tool to its full extent.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Never shy away from asking for help when you can’t accomplish a task or goal by yourself. Your manager is only successful if you are also successful. The medical practice benefits from you achieving goals.

Always take advantage of resources and training when at your disposal, but sometimes the answers you need aren’t there. When in need, ask your manager for help.

Learn from Your Performance Review

Medical office staff performance reviews vary from company to company. Some use it as the time to reset salaries or provide bonuses, others use it to discuss areas for improvement or highlight successes, and other companies cover all the above.

Your review is the best time to learn about how your employer sees your performance. If there are areas for improvement, don’t get disappointed. You might not have understood what was expected of you. Take the feedback, and make changes to reach your goals.