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  • 1523

How to Increase Patient Collections with Paperless Medical Billing

One doctor in California increased sitting A/R by about 40 percent after switching to paperless medical billing and going online.

You do everything else online, why do you still rely on paper to bill your patients? Many medical practices still attempt to manage medical billing in-house, which can lead to potential loss in revenue.

Paperless Medical Billing Results

HIMSS Analytics and Waystar conducted a survey of 900 healthcare financial executives that revealed that almost all healthcare providers still use paper-based medical billing and patient collections.

The survey also found that more than half of the patients surveyed preferred electronical medical billing and patient collections. Patients also said they were more likely to pay medical bills if they had the ability to pay online.

The next generation of patients expect to be able to manage their healthcare services online. If they can meet with their doctor over the phone, why can’t they pay their bill online? It’s time to switch to paperless medical billing.

With Parasol Medical Billing EHR, you can deliver medical bills directly to your patient’s mobile device. Why make it more difficult for your patients to pay you?

For one California doctor’s office, the paperless medical billing strategy meant an increase in patient satisfaction and resulted in immediate revenue gains. Within the first month, the practice received about 40 percent of two-year-old A/R. Both staff and patients were more satisfied with the new process.

Many medical practices are still using paper billing, not willing to overhaul their billing processes. Whether you have delayed the switch due to bandwidth or fear, Parasol Medical Billing can help you achieve a smooth billing transition.

Our medical billing services and EHR will help you streamline many of your day-to-day practice needs. The Parasol Medical Billing EHR can assist with:

  • Writing notes and prescriptions
  • Coding patient visits
  • Manage patient health

With our medical billing services, you won’t have to worry about errors draining your practice revenue. Contact us today to learn more about medical billing and EHR services and grow your business.