Parasol Medical Billing EHR Solution for Private Practices

Parasol Medical Billing EHR

Writing notes and prescriptions, coding encounters and managing patients is easy with Parasol Medical Billing EHR.

Medicine is Going Mobile — Is your EHR designed for use on a tablet or mobile device? Over 80% percent of medical professionals believe that they will eventually be charting on mobile devices. Since switching EHRs is such a hassle, why not start with the EHR that is designed for all platforms including: Windows®, Mac®, iPad, laptop, and desktop computers.

Designed by Doctors for Doctors

We used real feedback from doctors to create solutions that provide a simple and effective user experience, while providing all the tools you need to manage and grow your medical practice.

Quality Support

Parasol Medical Billing was designed to be easy to use, but that doesn’t mean we’ve skimped out on support. Each client is assigned dedicated account support, so you’re set up for success.


With enhanced EHR functionality, complying with MACRA and earning positive payment adjustments is easier than ever.

Why Should I choose Parasol Medical Billing over another EHR?

Parasol Medical Billing HER was built specially for independent medical practices, designed by consulting with doctors, and is easy to use. Our innovative solution allows you to write a note, prescribe a medication, create a superbill in a matter of minutes. In addition to solution functionality, we provide expert account support at no additional charge to our clients.

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