Medical Transcription - Parasol Practice Management

“Our promise to transcribe your dictation the way you want it. We don’t ask you to conform to our system – we have the flexibility and desire to format your dictation in a way that best meets your needs”

Demographic Entry, Insurance Verification, CPT and ICD-10 Coding, Claims Submission, Payment Posting, Denial Management.

Account Receivable (We review every claim with the claim age i.e. 30, 60, 90, 120 and more than 120+ aging from the date of service).

Electronic and Paper Claim submission with 95% to 98% Recovery.

Enrollment with all payers and clearinghouses (No added charge).

Re-Validation enrollment of Medicare and Medicaid.

Electronic Fund Transfer setup for all major insurance companies (No Added Charge).

Reports (Monthly, Bimonthly or yearly).

Dedicated Team and Local phone line.

No Billing Software Cost (HIPAA EDI, EHNAC, CORE, MHCC certified).

No Setup Cost.

Medical Billing web-based software will be provided by us.